About us

Company Trillinis Lab has been founded as a platform for technology transfer into application and development of complex optical technologies. The company has had a strong academic background and a great deal of experience in the areas of modern photonics, optoelectronics, electronics, software, control and measurement systems.

Our expertise helps us to deliver professional services and custom-made solutions to our customers. The company is currently developing its own products for various applications in the state-of-the-art photonic industry.

Our team

We develop electronics from design, assembly, firmware development to final testing for batch production. In optics we offer modeling and simulation of optical systems, design of fiber and free space optical systems and end-to-end development of optical metrology, diagnostic and imaging systems. For stand-alone devices we develop customized Linux OS, UIs and APIs and even link to cloud-based applications. Many of our solutions work the best with carefully designed custom parts of mechanical, electrical, and optical character that we can design in 3D and manufacture. Finally, for more complex projects, we can design and develop a real time control system in LabView and deliver it as a stand-alone application.



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